Post Cards of Mrs.Karyu

Mrs.Karyu in Saiki city made some post cards for her friend Mr.Nishida. They are the patients of ALS too. I looked those post cards in Nishida's room in hospital, I felt them very fine art. Please enjoy the Karyu's world.


It is written "Seasonal flower wait for your return home"


It is written "At the first you return home, let's KAMPAI (drink all) a cup of beer"


It is written "Can you feel this flower's flavor?"


It's too hot. Please eat a watermelon !


Congratulation for your discharge of the hospital. Take KAMPAI with me.


message from Mrs.Karyu

It is 5 years since I got the disease ALS. "Why did I gotten this disease? Unbelievable!!" I usually think it so. This 5 years I always felt despair, sadness, and worry. Now I afraid what is the future for me with ALS, and what is the better for me to live now.  But this interval also gave me a change.
I have my doctor, my nurses, my public health nurse, my care manager, my home helpers, my friends, and my son. They support me all.  So I can live now.
Nearly days I get the day service of the home for disable persons "Seiryu no sato" twice a week. I get new friends in that home and I get energy from them. So I enjoy my daily life. I can use my hands yet. I think I challenge new matter until I can use my hands.
Recently I try to make the picture of post card. My friends praise that cards. I think it not so good but it is very happy for me. I can send a message of my heart by the post cards. Now my post card is not skillful, but I will train to picture more. I am happy if I can get more friends by my post cards and give a energy for them. Thank you.