Mr N visit his homeland at first time with mechanical ventilation

This is the map of Onyujima island. The island is against near from Saiki city in Saiki Bay, but no bridge is there. About 18km is the distance around the island.


Yes, this is me. Today I am not a doctor but a driver. This car is a carrier car of Oita-Kyowa Hospital.
If we want to go Onyujima island with our car, we must ride the ferry boat, because there is no bridge. But the riding time is only 5 minutes.
We visit the resort beach named Amanatsu-Kan, west side of the island.
This is a spring called  Kami-no-i. This spring is near the beach, but the water of this spring is not salty. So this spring had been revered from a long time ago.
Mr. N's mother wait him at the road. His mother has severe low back pain and knee trouble, so she could not go Mr.N' home in Saiki city.
Mr.N's mother live in this house. Mr. N had grown up here at the child time. The house is at the south area of this island.
Mr.N's brother catch some fish in yesterday and make miso soup used the fish. It is very delicious. They are visiting nurse(right) and PH nurse(left). They support Mr.N visiting  his homeland.